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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:18 pm    Post subject: Rising Storm In Tamil Pdf Download

Rising Storm In Tamil Pdf Download

The year is 2099. The United States is ruled by the Reverend Jimmy Joe II, in a dictatorship where big guns and fundamentalist religion are used to keep the masses in control. The Reverend's troopers patrol the streets and the slums with assault rifles, ready to prevent any trouble from the revolutionary Kropfelders. Joe Gage and his brother Artie are petty criminals, involved in illegal vitamin trading and smuggling refugees into Mexico. Their business takes a downturn during Joe's stay in prison, and they find themselves without gainful employment. During an altercation in a flophouse, they meet up with Mila and Blaise Hart - two antique hunters who are looking for muscle to protect them while they do a little freelance archeology. With the promise of valuable memorabilia from the Twentieth Century, the Gages go with the two sisters as they follow their treasure map. But they cannot avoid attention from the Reverend's troopers - and after a while, Joe begins to suspect that there is more to the sisters' hunt than they have been told...
In a future postapocalyptic America ruled by a fascist televangelist, young thief Joe and his brother agree to help pretty Mila and her sister find an ancient artifact that could change everything.
In year 2099 the dictator Reverend Jimmi Joe II rules the USA. History is forgotten and the Reverends history book is history now. The only thing who can make people see what's going on is the video tape of a dead DJ.

Well, this is not a very good film. It's OK if your bored, but not in any way a must see. There are at some points good cinematography, some good punch-lines and funny elements.

The plot is kind of interesting. A man taking over a country and denying all of it's real history to it's people and in stead giving out his own history book. However, this just don't work for this movie. The whole thing is just not believable enough and the costumes doesn't help. They just look silly.

If you don't have anything else to do this movie is OK.
Of course whenever you're gonna look for a movie with a Post-Apocalyptic setting you can only be sure of the fact that the film was done on a low budget. What I don't get is why people who make these types of films don't put more effort in to making them believable (it's been done before, with little low-budget films like Star Wars and Terminator). Sex-scenes never add more cinematic value (even in a Bond film) and unnecessary sexual references just blow a movie flat.

I was actually enjoying several parts of this movie, but eventually the cheapness caught up with it and even worse, the fanatic Christian Government, where every military order ends with "Praise the Lord" or "God Bless", starts to get very repetitive really fast.

Unlike with Cyborg 3, I never really got in to the mood of this film and I think it just falls flat in comparison. A few good scenes don't make a very good feature-length film.


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